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Sefton Cancer Support Group


The Sefton Cancer Support Group is a registered charity, which has been based in Sefton for 25 years, we are now based in Formby, and Bootle. and serve the population of North and South Sefton. It is partly funded by the North and South Clinical Commissioning Groups. We try to fill the gap that exists before and after diagnosis, when the shock hits you and your feelings are such that you cannot cope, or know who to turn to, when you feel you cannot talk to your family or friends. After discharge from hospital care there is a void when the professionals’ have discharged you. Who now cares for you, who can you continue your recovery with?   

We try and meet those needs but can signpost you to other voluntary groups/professionals if this seems to be more appropriate.

In line with the Government and Clinical Commissioning Group we encourage healthy living. It’s important that we all can develop a positive attitude towards living, survivorship and enjoying life. These emphasise the importance of earlier diagnosis and of living with and beyond cancer in delivering outcomes that matter to patients. We encourage the client and the carer to take control of their health and by changes in lifestyle and awareness of the dangers of smoking, obesity, overweight, and alcohol any of which may contribute to Cancer.

We recognise not all clients will survive their diagnosis but still deserve to have the best possible quality of life, including at the end of life. It is crucial that people are treated as individuals, with compassion, dignity and respect throughout.

The Support Group is available as a resource for information, financial advice, advocacy and support. We also offer the opportunity to take you away for a short time, from the stress of dealing with cancer, providing aromatherapy and hot stones massage, relaxation, acupuncture, chiropody, reflexology, and reiki to help you unwind and re energise you.  You can make new friends and socialise over coffee and light lunches, we also have a full social programme of bi montly group lunches and day trips to places of interest or the theatre.

For those who need a human voice to talk to especially at night, an out of hours hours helpline is  open and manned whenever we can.